Privacy Statement

NEC Advanced Networks believes that data privacy and protection are important issues. We are committed to protecting your personal information and being transparent about the collection and processing of personal data.

This privacy statement sets forth our principles as follows: 

  1. We obtain, use and provide personal information properly based on the Core Privacy Principles of OECD, namely (1) the collection limitation principle, (2) the data quality principle, (3) the purpose specification principle, (4) the use limitation principle, (5) the security safeguards principle, (6) the openness principle, (7) the individual participation principle and (8) the accountability principle, which form the cornerstone of fair information practices designed to protect personal information.
  1. We abide by the applicable US federal and state laws, regulations, and guidelines pertaining to the protection of personal information.
  1. We make efforts to implement, through the adoption of necessary and appropriate security measures, the security control of personal information held by us, including protection from disclosure, loss, or damage, as realized through our stringent Information Security policies and procedures that aim to protect the integrity and confidentiality of information and data assets that we manage.
  1. We appropriately respond to complaints and requests for consultation with respect to our handling of personal information, in accordance with applicable local laws and regulations as well as our information security management In the event of a security breach, our response team immediately acts upon reports to minimize impact on relevant parties and businesses and implements safeguards to ensure no recurrences transpire in the future.
  1. We make efforts to continuously review and improve the current policies for the protection of personal information and our information security management system.

For any inquiries or questions regarding this statement, please contact us at