Spurring Innovation in Open RAN 5G

Advanced technologies for Open RAN Radio Units and more

NEC Advanced Networks provides a critical US base of operations for the company’s product innovations and solutions delivery activities, particularly in the development of Radio Units. These capabilities are a complement to the world-class capabilities that already exist in NEC’s Tokyo HQ.

Using the former Blue Danube resources to create a center of innovation and product development helps accommodate the push for more Open RAN 5G solutions built on multi-vendor ecosystems. NEC Advanced Networks will drive developments in the Radio Unit business, at first, with a focus on spectrum optimization and AI/ML-based massive MIMO products.

The Open RAN market is growing – and NEC has been involved with nearly every global operator who has deployed. As demand continues to build exponentially, this home base for Open RAN 5G resources in the US helps NEC serve the global market even better.

Introducing NEC BeamMaster from NEC Advanced Networks